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Fairview Care

As a care manager I am glad we introduced Altura Learning to our team. It has taken some of the pressure from the staff to prepare and deliver evidence-based practice. Altura is an excellent online learning platform that provides the latest expectations. It is convenient to use in your own time or at work. As it is developed for aged care, this means we are exposing our staff to evidence based practice whilst ensuring that policy and governance is followed. It supports the mandatory as well as ongoing education required.

Over time as staff have taken the time to access the courses, we have noticed that their communication style and delivery of care has changed in a positive manner. They have a better understanding of what is best practice. On our care floor they will speak to each other about the learning and practices that we need to adopt with confidence. They speak very positively about their Altura Learning experience to their colleagues, encouraging them to complete the individual courses based on their concerns/ needs.  For our team it is an excellent investment to upskill or remind staff about best practice not just for delivery to the residents, but also to look after themselves.

Enliven, Presbyterian Support Southland

Enliven, Presbyterian Support Southland, employs over 350 staff in aged care services. 

We have always been challenged to meet our educational targets and to have confidence that we are giving our staff the best opportunity to learn.

Our inability to deliver face to face education due to the covid pandemic and staff shortages identified a risk for us as staff couldn’t attend face to face trainings. I was looking for a solution. Altura Learning has been our solution!

Since moving across to Altura Learning 12 months ago we are thrilled at the results. No more paper, education folders, or following up with staff to ensure they have completed compulsory training.

With design of the courses all filmed in aged care settings and the support of NZ clinical advisors we have great confidence in the content of the library of courses to meet the NZ Ngā Paerewa health and disability standards.  

The ability to customise and brand the suite of programs to optimise the use of the Altura platform continues to impress us. We have now developed inductions, performance reviews along with customised courses into the system. The efficiency and ability to reach all staff is wonderful and able to be measured with great analytics for reporting. 
All our care homes have recently been audited and achieved 100% in education delivery. This is a first for our organisation!

Heather and her team made the process of onboarding Altura Learning easy and seamless, and the ongoing support is fantastic. I would recommend Altura Learning to other Aged Care providers.