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We are passionate about inspiring learners to improve their life and the quality of the lives of the people they support.

All our courses are regularly reviewed so you can rest assured that your employees are learning content that complies with the latest evidenced-based research and industry standards.

Our Learning and Development Team are trained educators who have recently been employed in either residential or home care. That experience in collaboration with our community of industry-leading subject matter experts and peak bodies ensures the content we develop for our aged care courses NZ is authentic and relevant. 

Developed with a target audience in mind, each course is pitched at the right level for the learner’s existing knowledge and experience.

Our solutions help care providers to build or implement employee learning and development initiatives that reduce the gap between current employees skills set and needed skills set.

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See it. Learn it. Do it.

The best video training in the market for all styles of learner

Our in house video production team develops thoroughly researched topics into engaging course videos to inspire learners.

Video is at the heart of our courses. Video is the most powerful medium to capture the learner's imagination.

The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text and we retain 95% of the information presented as a video, compared to 10% when reading the same information as text. 

  • Relevant

    In close collaboration with our Learning and Development Team we film realistic scenarios in recognisable settings and interview real people to increase learner engagement, relatability and therefore retention of content. 

  • Engaging

    Made up of some of the Production Industry's top talent, Altura Productions never compromises on the quality of our courses. We transform thoroughly researched information into an engaging video combined with appropriately designed written content.

    Our creative approach to clinical topics makes content meaningful. For every course we create, we ask ourselves – Does it Engage, Inform and Inspire?

  • Accessible

    The Altura Productions team uses a variety of audiovisual techniques to engage all styles of learners and inspire your employees to continuously improve practice.

    Our videos techniques including closed captions and clear visuals ensure CALD learners are not left behind.

Helping your staff to excel

Rigorous Assessments to evidence learning

  • Evidence transfer of knowledge and skills
  • Change practices
  • Track performance management
  • Meet accreditation requirements

All Altura Learning courses are accompanied by extensive learning resources and assessments to evidence learning

If one of your employees has completed an Altura Learning course video + the Essential courses assessment you can demonstrate they have achieved the course Learning Outcomes and can recall the content of the aged care course.

We ensure the assessments provided are concise, support adult learning principles, promote active learning and meet the needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Explore Altura Learning’s unique approach to assessments. 

We lead the field for industry compliant content

Our content meets industry standards keep you compliant

  • All course content is regularly updated with current industry legislation and guidelines to ensure accuracy.

  • Residential and Home Care courses lead to a NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 2

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Content that's as unique as your organisation

Get all the tools you need to create your own!

Not only will your employees benefit from unlimited access to our best practice content, we also provide you with the tools to create your own personalised courses.

  • Onboarding
  • Resident/client stories
  • Combine your content with ours to personalise it to your organisations policies and procedures
  • Share your organisations mission and values with your team
  • Other specialised topics relevant to your organisation

Upload your own content - add slides, videos, images and assessment questions in minutes.

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