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For every piece of content we create we ask ourselves – Does it Engage, Inform and Inspire?

Our unique and innovative approach uses video based content that reflects real situations which staff encounter daily, ensuring learning is relatable, authentic and relevant. This method has been proven to engage staff and to improve the quality of care or services that they provide.

Not only are our care training courses aligned with accreditation standards, they are also constantly updated with current industry legislation and guidelines.

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    Engaging content

    Our approach improves learner engagement and comprehension.

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    Quality production

    Our videos are filmed in realistic settings, that are relatable to your workers.

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    Focused learning

    All our training carries Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours.

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    Vast library

    A comprehensive course library with 150+ courses available, co-designed with industry experts.

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    Remote learning

    Our content can be accessed anywhere, anytime, via any internet connected device.

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    Relevant content

    New courses are released regularly in response to current needs of the sector.

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    Quality commitment

    Courses are constantly monitored and updated to ensure they reflect best practice standards.

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    Bespoke courses

    We have our own in-house studios and experienced production teams.