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A Guide to Altura Learning’s Suite of Learning Resources

March 29, 2022 |

What resources are available with Altura Learning courses?

Every course in the Altura Learning library includes a suite of Learning Resources that provides both learners and coordinators with the tools to assess, reflect on, and evaluate the learning that has taken place.

How can the Learning Resources be used by your organisation?

Organisations can use our Learning Resources to develop your own face-to-face and group training sessions, such as toolbox talks. These sessions can then be tailored specifically to the current training needs of your staff. The resources can also be useful for assessing competency and demonstrating compliance.

Most of our Learning Resources can be accessed by the individual learner to support their own self-directed learning and professional development. This provides the learner with flexibility to explore topics of interest independently and develop their knowledge and understanding.

Let’s look at each of these resources individually…

Course Information Sheet

  • This resource provides the organisation with key information about what is in the course. It can be handed out to learners prior to a training session to inform the learners of the topic, course aim and learning objectives. It also provides an opportunity for learners to familiarise themselves with key definitions, prior to attending the training session.

Essential Assessment

  • This resource is designed to assess the learners understanding and application of the course content.
  • This can be used to assess training outcomes and evaluate the effectiveness of the learning module.
  • It can be used as a formal assessment method for individual learners or as an informal discussion, where the questions are completed as a group.

Extension Assessment

  • This resource is a reflection exercise, designed to support learners to evaluate their current practice and consider how they can apply their learning within the workplace.
  • It can be used as part of the learner’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Evidence Assessment

  • This resource can be used by assessors to identify that learners can demonstrate what they have learned and apply that learning to their role. Depending on the topic, the assessment may include a skills audit or competency, handover presentation or  behaviour diary.
  • It can be used to identify skill gaps, assess competency and demonstrate compliance.

Coordinator Resource

  • This has been developed for L&D Coordinators or Managers as an additional training resource. It includes a training game that can be facilitated face-to-face, case scenarios and the answers for the Essential Assessment.
  • It can be used:
    • To facilitate a microlearning session
    • As an ice breaker
    • As a pre or post learning exercise, to assess knowledge and understanding of the topic

Quick Reference Guide

  • This resource is a valuable tool that summarises the key content from the course.
  • It can be used:
  • As an end of session print out for learners
  • As a microlearning tool, during a team meeting, 1:1 supervision or following an incident or event
  • As a focus topic, on notice boards in staff areas.

Learning Guide

  • This has been designed as an additional resource that learners can access online or print off and take home. It provides additional content for the learners to review at their own pace, to consolidate their learning.


  • This is a visual summary of a key concept found within the course.
  • It can be used:
  • To engage learners
  • As a revision or microlearning tool
  • To bridge gaps in learning
  • As a focus topic, on notice boards in staff areas.


  • This provides the details of the training course coming up. It can be printed and displayed in the workplace, to inform staff of upcoming training.


  • The certificate is a vital resource, not just for the learner, but the organisation too.
  • It provides the learner with recognition of their achievement, which can be printed and used as part of their own Learning Portfolio.
  • For the organisation, it can be used to demonstrate compliance and a culture of learning.

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