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Assisting a Person to Shower

November 29, 2019 |

Topic: Activities of Daily Living

Course Aim:

One of the key roles of care staff is the maintenance of people’s personal hygiene. Through this course you will discover how to provide full assistance with showering a person in your care.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of maintaining personal hygiene
  • Assist the person to shower safely whilst maintaining their dignity
  • Assess and monitor the person and report any changes in their condition

Supporting people with their personal hygiene is a core duty for many care and support workers. It’s not just about the procedure of showering an individual, but also requires consideration of communication, privacy and dignity, as well as manual handling and infection control risks. What may seem a simple procedure to some is actually a multi-faceted task that supports people when they are at their most vulnerable.

Like much of what we do in the care sector, the procedure for assisting a person to shower is supported by research and evidence based practice. The video illustrates how to provide full assistance when supporting a person to shower and can be used as initial training or as a refresher to demonstrate to staff how to perform the procedure.

The suite of learning resources that supports this course includes our Evidence Assessment, which is

a skills assessment of the procedure.

This online care training course replaces the course Activities of Daily Living: Showering


  • Assisting a person with a shower provides an opportunity to encourage reablement and independence.
  • Assisting a person with a shower is a great opportunity to informally assess the person’s skin or assess their pain.

Course name: Assisting a Person to Shower
Course Codes: AOC17034-BC-HR-GN
Countries: All countries
ResHC: Residential and Home Care Libraries
Target Audience: Care/Support Staff

Go to our Digital Course Library to find out more & watch the trailer:

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