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Bridge Reporting: Learning Time

July 14, 2022 |

Good news! Learner (time on course data) is now available in Bridge Analytics. It is located in the overview dashboard as a separate widget. The widget name is: Number of hours spent learning. To see individual learning data, you must drill down. Simply click on the number of hours tile and a separate window will open (please see image below).

This information was originally located on the Completed Learners report. However Insights is being retired on the 21/07/2022. Use the filters at the top of the dashboard to refine your search. For example, Learnable Title or Learnable Type.

Advanced Analytics

As mentioned in the previous article, the next generation of reporting which is dubbed Advanced Analytics is on the way. Last week it was released to select Altura Customers, and it has been well received. In future articles, we will provide a preview of the new capabilities. Watch this space. 

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