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Bridge Checkpoints

February 15, 2024 |

Tim Lambert, Technical Customer Success Manager

Bridge is not limited to just eLearning. Did you know that you can also check a competency or assign external training to staff? The ideal feature to use for this is Bridge checkpoints.

In this article, we’ll cover the functionality of this handy module.

What are Checkpoints?

Think of Bridge Checkpoints as tasks which the learning coordinator assigns to staff. The learning coordinator must simply describe the task in a clear and concise way. Bridge provides the usual tools to enter and format text and to add graphics or video to assist. Attachments can also be included such as PDF’s. These can be part of the instructions, or sent as an email attachment when the checkpoint is assigned.

Once the learning coordinator creates a checkpoint, it can be sent out to staff in the same way as courses. Checkpoints can be sent out to individuals or groups.


Learners can be required to submit evidence in order to complete a checkpoint. The evidence can be stored against the checkpoint for review purposes. When evidence is required, the staff will see a location in Bridge to upload files. This works in the same way for mobile devices (please see image below). 


If a checkpoint requires approval for compliance, then an approver can be appointed within Bridge. Once activated, the approver will receive notifications for each new checkpoint submission. The approver can log into Bridge and review one or more checkpoints. If the evidence is not sufficient, then the approver can reject a checkpoint. When this happens, the process renews. The learner receives an email and they can submit updated evidence.


As previously stated, Checkpoints are handy for competency assessments. They can also be paired with eLearning. For example, to accompany Manual Handling theory with a practical hands on use of equipment. Another popular use is for police checks. Many Altura Learning members would like to see Checkpoints enhanced to include the expire/auto-enroll feature. Please let us know if you use Checkpoints, and share your opinion as to how they help. 

If you would like some help getting started, please reach out to your customer success team: 


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