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Digital Leadership in Social Care Programme

October 8, 2020 |

Digital Leadership in Social Care Programme  

The National Care Forum and Skills for Care have created a digital leadership programme specifically for registered managers working in social care. They want to develop this with registered managers to make sure the content and format are what they need to develop their confidence to use digital technology across their organisation.

Nurturing the next generation of digital leaders in social care

Developing registered managers who are confident using digital technology is key to retaining and sustaining excellent leaders in social care. Digital technology in care is developing at a rapid rate – making decisions that are person centred, cost effective, future proofed and safe is vital. Interested in innovation, driving change and using digital tech in a person centred way?  Want to influence how your organisation uses digital technology and develop your skills around digital technology?

Altura Learning’s part to play 

Each module has live training and Ruth Power, our Customer Success Manager is working with Tommy Henderson-Reay, Digital Transformation Lead at NCF, to support him to put his content from the live training into an interactive workbook on Bridge, our LMS. Learners will be able to fill this in during and after the training. 

This workbook is done through a course, using lots of different features to make it engaging for learners. The workbook also includes smart quizzes for new digital terms, short answer questions to share more in depth answers and discussion boxes to engage all learners in an interactive forum. 

Great feedback was received from a survey devised by Skills for Care which was included in the course. The learners found the workbook was relevant to needs, easy to follow, engaging and useful which shows that Bridge can lend itself to supporting a great digital campaign!

One module has been attended by cohorts so far and there are 3 more live training’s and workbooks to be created. Watch this space for an update soon! 

digital leadership in social care programme
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