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Leadership: Engaging your Team

May 8, 2018 |

Topic: Teamwork & Leadership

Altura Learning is proud to present the upcoming course Leadership: Engaging your Team. Engaged staff have been shown to be more productive, committed to the organisation and more effective at achieving workplace goals.

In social care, it is essential that staff have a true team focus in order to provide and support complex care and services to older people.

In our Altura Learning course Leadership: Engaging Your Team, we consulted with Industry Leadership Expert Vivienne Black and one of the UK’s leading Social Care providers MHA, to bring you practical strategies to engage your team and your staff. When watching this course, you will see a successful manager demonstrating the behaviours of a successful manager and her team’s response.

Staff need regular structured feedback on their performance and progress. In this course we provide a scenario of a manager meaningfully engaging with their staff on a one on one basis.

This course is ideal for managers and senior staff but also for people who are undertaking or embarking on a leadership role.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define employee engagement, engaging leadership and recognise the benefits in engaging the team
  • Outline the skills and attitudes required in engaging leadership
  • Recognise the skills required to carry out meaningful 1:1 conversations

Course name: Leadership: Engaging Your Team

Course Code: HC-1800509 – AU/NZ/UK/IE

Country: All countries

ResHC: Residential Only

Watch the Australian trailer

Watch the UK trailer

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