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May 26, 2021 |

Did you know that you can use Bridge for a lot more than training?

With workplace policies evolving at such a rapid pace, we need an easy way to record employee policy compliance. In this month’s article, we’ll show how easy it is to embed documents within your Altura learning account and record your staff’s compliance. Let’s jump in!

In Bridge, you have the ability to upload documents, such as your policy and procedure documents. You can use this feature in two ways. Firstly, you could use it as a file repository to store your policy or procedure manual if you don’t have it available electronically already.

The second way is to upload a document as part of a course. If you add in a Yes or No Question such as, Did you read and understand the Code of Conduct Policy? you’ve created a course and a learning record that you access anytime you need to.

The key for this lies within the tools that are included in the Author Module. You’ll need Author or Administrator permissions to continue. To get started, log onto Bridge and go to your author module. Click on the new course button (see below).

Then we need to do some writing. In addition to the policy document, we need to instruct staff as to what is needed for them to comply. For example, we may want them to read the new Code of Conduct Policy Document.

  1. First, we create a cover slide. This can include graphics and a colour theme to match. 
  2. On the next slide, we type in the instructions, and we add a hyperlink for the policy document. Our motto is: simple is better. Don’t forget to include a title (see example below).

  3. Add supporting content. For example add any video that may help to illustrate key points in your document. You can embed youtube or vimeo into additional slides, if needed.

  4. Add one or more quiz questions. This can be either a comprehensive knowledge check with multiple questions including multiple choice, true or false and matching, or merely a simple yes/no acknowledging that they have read and understood the document.

  5. Test your new course by enrolling colleagues. Ask them to be honest and to check for any typographical errors or omissions. Also check to see if learners have been given enough time to read the document. The default is 7 days, but you can change this by updating the course settings.
  6. Publish your course.

  7. Add learners or groups to your policy document in the same way you would for other Altura courses, and they will be notified via email.

Once you have sent out your policy or procedure, you will be able to report on compliance using the new Analytics dashboards. That’s it! We hope you can see how easy it is to upload your

documents and record team compliance with your policies. And once you have completed one, you’ll be able to duplicate the policy course and make minor tweaks for additional policies.

If you would like some help getting started, please reach out to your customer success team:


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