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New Aged Care Quality Standards Course

April 8, 2019 |

Topic: Clinical Assessments

The Single Quality Framework will replace the four current Accreditation schemes in July 2019. Both residential and home care providers will be expected to meet the requirements of the new Aged Care Quality Standards (ACQS) which has a much stronger focus on consumer outcomes.

There are 8 Standards in the new ACQS and each Standard contains a consumer outcome, organisational statement and requirements.

Altura Learning has collaborated with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission to produce an educational video about the new Aged Care Quality Standards.

Filmed in a residential aged care organisation and a home care setting, the video provides an overview of the Standards and how the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission will conduct an audit of the Standards.

This video is aligned as Fundamental on the Altura Learning – Learning Pathway so it is perfect for everybody working in an aged care role and is available free on the Altura Learning website and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission website.

CEO of Altura Learning, Yvie Webley said, “We have a strong commitment to improving people’s lives through a well-trained and engaged workforce, and we are proud to be working with the Commission on such an important project. All aged care services in residential and home care are encouraged to access this new program and incorporate it into their plans for supporting and educating staff.”

Commission Executive Director Industry Engagement and Communications, Pam Christie said: “We are passionate about supporting the implementation of the new consumer focused Aged Care Quality Standards. The Commission’s staff have enjoyed working with Altura to create a resource that will help providers engage with the Standards. Thank you Altura for your impressive attention to detail and support in creating this important resource.”

The program will be released on 24 April, and will be available from both the Commission and Altura Learning websites.

About the course:

Program Aim: The Aged Care Quality Standards are in place to ensure that consumers have quality outcomes when receiving residential or home care. This course describes the standards and the roles and responsibilities of staff to meet the ongoing requirements.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the framework that supports the Standards
  • Identify the eight standards that make up the Standards
  • Explain how service provider’s performance is assessed against the Standards
  • Recognise the role of the organisation in meeting the Standards

Exclusive to our members: “Inspire Members” of Altura Learning will be able to access the extensive suite of learning resources which includes an evidence assessment so you can assess your staff’s knowledge of their role and responsibility in regards to the ACQS as well posters, educational infographic and knowledge assessments.

Target Audience: All staff
Course name: Aged Care Quality Standards
Course Code: AOC17023R/HAU
Country: Australia Only
ResHC: Both residential and home care

Go to our Digital Course Library to find out more & watch the preview:

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