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PCS and Altura Learning Partnership

October 31, 2019 |

We are excited to announce the new strategic partnership between Altura Learning and Person Centred Software. Person Centred Software’s electronic care planning, monitoring and reporting system, Mobile Care Monitoring, is used by over 1,500 care homes across the UK, Australia and New Zealand, many of which are members of the Altura Learning community.

Person Centred Software’s Mobile Care Monitoring system enables care providers to reduce the time spent on paperwork, exceed compliance measures and improve the quality of care.

Mobile Care Monitoring gives care home managers the information they need quickly and accurately. All the usual reports and graphs are automatically created, and information can be shared securely with outside professionals to join up people’s health and social care journey.

Altura Learning and Person Centred Software have a common goal of improving the standard of care within the global health and social care sectors through cutting edge technology and working closely together will allow them to further pursue this joint goal.

But how will it benefit both Altura Learning and Person Centred Software customers?

We are working collaboratively to create a series of short training videos which will be built into Altura Learning courses, in order to demonstrate to care workers how to evidence care interactions and tasks on Mobile Care Monitoring. For instance, a learner will see how to provide hydration and nutrition in a care setting and then how to record and evidence the task on Mobile Care Monitoring. We will also co-produce a video that will educate new staff on the benefits and use of Mobile Care Monitoring, which can be built into new staff inductions, ensuring they are engaged with the system from day one.

Bruce Adams, Head of Sales, Altura Learning, commented, “I’m delighted that Altura Learning and Person Centred Software will be working together. Both organisations share the same goal and vision – to promote innovation which will support the sector to deliver outstanding care. Having seen the positive impact that Mobile Care Monitoring has made to several Altura’s members, we’ve been keen to collaborate for a while. However, it was imperative our shared work was of benefit to our member organisations, their workforce and the people they support, and this is the perfect opportunity for this collaboration.”

Andrew Coles, Head of Product Management at Person Centred Software, added: “Altura Learning aligns with Person Centred Software’s values as we aim to improve the quality of life for everyone involved in social care. Our customers will benefit by reducing the time spent teaching new staff how to use Mobile Care Monitoring, and they will have a taster for how training integrates with practice.”

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