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Tissue Viability: Pressure Injuries

April 4, 2018 |

Altura Learning (Formerly Aged Care Channel) is proud to present the upcoming course Tissue Viability: Pressure Injuries. This course defines and describes types of pressure injuries, how they develop, their treatment and most importantly, how you can play a role in preventing them.

Prolonged pressure and/or shearing to the skin is usually the cause of localised pressure injuries which, in mild cases, may appear as a reddened area on the skin. Alternatively, pressure injuries may extend as a wound into some or all of the layers of the skin, with some injuries penetrating the muscle and to the bone.

The incidence of these largely preventable pressure injuries occuring in residential aged care internationally is between 8-47%. In this course, available from Altura Learning from 11 April 2018, we are joined by expert Professor Keryln Carville, internationally renowned on the subject matter, who defines for us the different types of pressure injuries and how they occur. Professor Carville explains the methods used to assess a person to minimise the risk of pressure injuries occurring and explains interventions for both the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries.

This course is at a developing level on the Altura Learning learning pathway, so it’s perfect for introducing careworkers to the concept of pressure injuries and the role carers can play in their prevention. This course will also benefit ENs and RNs who will be completing risk assessments and possibly assessing and treating the wounds.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define the types of pressure injuries and how they occur
  • Explain methods used to assess the risk of a person developing pressure injuries
  • Discuss the interventions for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries

Course name: Tissue Viability: Pressure Injuries

Release Date: April 11, 2018.

Course Code: R-1800411-AU/NZ/UK/IE

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