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Palliative Care

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Here, at Altura Learning, we provide care companies across New Zealand with access to specialist Palliative Care care training courses.

Everyone will lose a friend or family member in their lifetime, which is why high-quality palliative care within care organisations is so important. Care workers have the responsibility to provide comfort and support to residents and their relatives during the end stage of life, making sure the needs of the person are met and the grieving process is made as easy as possible for the family.

The term end stage of life refers to the point in a person’s palliative care pathway when the person begins exhibiting signs or symptoms that suggest that they may be approaching the last week or days of life. End of life care focuses on providing the comfort and support required to meet the physical and psychological needs of the person and their family.

An older person in the end stage of life may be diagnosed with dementia, cancer or a number of complex health disorders that impact on the level of care they require. However, this does not necessarily mean that they need to be hospitalised. Aged care staff will often have to support the end of life phase in the person’s home or a rest home.

Our online training courses aim to improve the quality of end of life care in residential and home care environments by ensuring aged care staff have the skills and experience they need to provide high-quality, person centered care. Our industry-leading e-learning courses help make sure each of your care staff and volunteers are competent at treating older people at the end stage of life and their families with expert knowledge, dignity and compassion

Online Course Content

We are currently offering 5 specialised end of life care e-learning courses. These include content focusing on advance care planning, symptom management, bereavement and dementia.

In these courses your care staff will gain knowledge of the core principles relating to end of life care, including an understanding of the dying process, what end of life care means and the effects/impacts of bereavement. The aim of care staff should be to provide quality care, while managing both the physical and psychological needs to provide a holistic and integrated approach. It is essential that the staff recognise and reaffirm that dying is a normal part of life and the human experience.

Our courses cover a variety of topics staff will learn, such as advance care planning, clinical strategies to support and comfort someone with the physical and psychological symptoms of dying and how to empathetically support grieving relatives. Care and nursing staff play an essential role when developing and implementing strategies that will effectively manage the person’s physical symptoms.

These strategies should be individualised to meet the person’s symptoms and must be evaluated regularly to ensure these strategies remain effective at achieving the person’s desired outcomes, supporting the older person to remain comfortable and addressing the needs of the family. This can be achieved by referring to the person’s end stage of life/advance care plan and being mindful that the person’s expressed wishes, or the expressed wishes of their substitute decision-maker, may change

Who are our end of life courses for?

All of our end of life courses are aimed at care staff who work in home care, residential, and palliative care services and who want to provide high-quality, reliable training to their staff, volunteers and anyone else who may need to undergo end of life care training.

With the range of training courses available, you’ll be sure to find one suited to the needs of your employees and the services you provide.

You can purchase our quality online care training and include any of these courses in a bespoke e-learning package, which is our learning solution that provides your aged care organisation with tailored content, on an LMS that works for you.

Why you should choose Altura Learning

With Altura Learning, your organisation will be receiving quality training ratified by Subject Matter Experts on the subjects of palliative care, bereavement and dementia.

Our specialist courses are relevant, engaging and inspiring so that you can give your care workers the most valuable learning opportunity possible, helping them to develop their skills and deliver exceptional end of life care to older people as well as their families.


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