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Creating new Bridge Courses in Microsoft Powerpoint

February 18, 2020 |

Bridge has a handy feature which allows Learning Coordinators to quickly & easily create new content by uploading PowerPoint slide decks. It is an ideal way for teams to grow their content library organically. The following article provides more information.

Process Overview:

The actual process to do this is straight-forward.

  • Review/Update your PowerPoint Slide deck – Only after your slides have been thoroughly reviewed should you import them into Bridge. That’s because individual slides cannot be edited once they are in Bridge. Bridge creates an image for each slide. So if one slide has a typographical error, then it cannot be fixed in Bridge. It must be fixed within PowerPoint. A screenshot must be created and inserted into the relevant bridge slide using the Bridge slide design tools.
  • Import your slide deck into Bridge (see section below: “Importing your Slide Desk – How does it work?”
  • Add Video and Assessment Questions – Using Bridge Course editing tools, augment your slides with video, and assessment questions. The slides provide the skeleton to the course. Even if no video exists, you can create your own video and upload it to Bridge. For example, record a message from the subject matter expert or management – explaining why the course is important for the team.


Importing your Slide Deck – How does it work?

To create a course using Powerpoint slide decks, perform the following steps:

  1. Log onto bridge*
  2. Navigate to the Author module
  3. Click on the button to import courses.
  4. Browse to the file location of the slide deck
  5. Bridge imports the deck and creates a separate slide for each and every PowerPoint slide

Note: Bridge Author Permission is needed to create new courses.

Finally the Bridge author edits the course. This process is to provide additional resources, and augment any area the content that is lacking. Consider adding multimedia & video. The end of the course should contain a few questions. Bridge allows the course author to create multiple choice, sorting, multiple answer and dynamic questions.


Creating new courses in Bridge is easy and the import tool gives new life to existing corporate knowledge. Some parts of this process are a bit time-consuming, but the overall benefit of expanding your library can make the effort worthwhile. Mixing topical content that is developed in house with Altura courses can lead to an increase in overall learner participation, and retention of knowledge by your staff.

Want to know more?

For more information, please refer to the following help article which explains the import process:

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