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Learner Feedback Insight

November 26, 2021 |

Why your feedback is important to us

Learner feedback is essential to our understanding of what is important to members. It helps us to ensure a learner-centric experience and plays an important role in our training needs analysis, quality control, continuous improvement and course innovation.

Do learners really respond to course surveys?

We provide a survey at the end of every course. Over the last 90 days, the learning and development team at Altura Learning has received over 680 completed learner surveys. Of these responses, 84% contained positive feedback, with no concerns raised. 16% provided suggestions on how our courses could be improved, offering valuable insight into the learner experience and course functionality.

What happens when a concern is raised?

Every survey response is recorded, and both positive feedback, as well as suggested improvements, are logged into our feedback system and reviewed by our team. Any concerns raised regarding the content or functionality of our courses leads to a thorough review of the relevant courses by our learning and development team. Where necessary, this can include engaging Subject Matter Experts.

Whilst changes to courses are rare, our average response time for reviewing feedback and updating the corresponding course is 3 days, and any updates are instantaneous with our Bridge platform.

But I don’t have time for surveys!

The average time it takes to complete one of our course surveys is under 3 minutes. These 3 minutes give you a chance to be heard and have your say on how well our courses are meeting your needs.

We’ve kept it simple, with each survey using tick boxes and offering a dialogue box to expand on responses, where necessary.

Here are some examples of the feedback we’ve received:

“Best presentation on this area of learning that I have viewed/completed.” (Lone Working & Personal Safety)

I want to know the explanation about the wrong answers.” (Culturally Inclusive Support) In response to this feedback, Altura Learning will be providing feedback on assessment questions for all upcoming courses.

Provide printable notes to accompany the video for those with SEN, ESL or for a complete novice to the care sector.” (H&S: Risk Management). In response to this feedback, Altura Learning will be providing a video transcript and a Learning Guide (where appropriate) with each course.

You’ve convinced me! How do I provide feedback to Altura Learning?

You can provide feedback to us in a number of ways:

Remember, your feedback is valuable to us and enables us to deliver a unique, innovative and meaningful learning experience for you!

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