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Medication Management: Polypharmacy

November 5, 2018 |

Topic: Medication Management

It is estimated that over 90% of residents in aged care facilities take over five types of medication on a daily basis.

As people age, they often develop multiple chronic conditions that sometimes require a variety of medications to manage. However, it is important that these medications are managed appropriately to achieve best health outcomes for the resident.

In our new course Medication Management: Polypharmacy, we explore what polypharmacy is and the impact it could have on a resident. We discuss the role an organisation and its staff have in reducing the likelihood of an adverse event occurring from the use of multiple medications.

This course compliments our existing Altura Learning series on Medication Management and is aimed at senior nurses and care managers.

Some useful tips:

  • It is estimated that over 90% of residents in aged care facilities take over five types of medication on a daily basis.
  • Polypharmacy is defined as the simultaneous use of five or more medications.
  • The World Health Organisation estimates that more than 50% of all medicines are ‘prescribed, dispensed or sold inappropriately’.

Program Aim:

People who take multiple medications are at increased risk from adverse effects and reduced quality of life. Recognise the importance of effective medication management procedures to minimise issues associated with polypharmacy.

Target Audience: Enrolled Nurses, Registered Nurses, Care and Clinical Managers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define polypharmacy and explain why it increases the risk of adverse reactions and drug interactions, and reduces quality of life
  • Recognise how effective medication management procedures can minimise issues associated with polypharmacy

Course name: Medication Management: Polypharmacy

Course Code: R-181107-AU/NZ/UK/IE

Country: All countries

ResHC: Residential care only

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