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Spirituality: Understanding Individual Needs

July 14, 2022 |

Understanding and supporting a resident’s spiritual needs is vital to their physical and mental wellbeing. But what are spiritual needs? And how can carers provide effective spiritual support to their residents? 

Spirituality refers to an individual’s sense of purpose, meaning, hope and belonging. It is universal, individual and personal. No two lived experiences are the same, so what might be considered appropriate, respectful or dignified care for one resident might not be for another.

We also know that our spirituality can become more important as we age, as we reflect on our lives and experiences, contemplate our identity and legacy, or think about the meaning of life and death. 

Altura Learning’s course “Spirituality: Understanding Individual Needs” explores how spirituality comes in different forms and is expressed in different ways, not just through religious or non-religious traditions or practices, but through connections with the arts, nature and meaningful relationships.

Care and support staff can play an important role in supporting their residents to connect with their spirituality.  Responding to their needs and integrating spiritual care into other aspects of care and support can bring positive benefits, including reduced anxiety and depression, and improved health and wellbeing. 

This course provides guidance for conducting an effective spiritual assessment, explains the role of the organisation and includes useful strategies for all staff.

Spiritual care is a vital part of the entire person-centred approach –  and you can support your staff to provide it in the most meaningful way.

Spirituality: Understanding Individual Needs – available for members from July 27.

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