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Wound Care: An Introduction

June 22, 2018 |

Topic: Infection Prevention & Control

As we age our skin becomes more susceptible to damage which can lead to wounds.

Care staff who work in home care, play in crucial role in the monitoring of an older person’s skin and supporting the person to minimise risk and prevent damage to skin integrity.

Wound Care: An Introduction is a new addition to our home care library. It is set at a developing level on our learning pathway so it is perfect for care staff and as a refresher for nurses.

In the course we explore the anatomy of the skin and how to prevent injury to the skin. We also describe the most common types of wounds seen in a home care setting and how a care worker can support a person who has a dressing.

This course is accompanied with a suite of learning resources including key definitions to support staff who are new to wound care, as well as a skills assessment for staff supporting a person with a dressing. Also included is our new Coordinator Resource, which contains a case scenario and training game to support coordinators who are using this training in a group setting.

Some useful tips

  • Skin tears are the most common type of wound in older people.
  • When supporting a person living with a dressing insitu, care staff can observe if the dressing is leaking and the condition of the surrounding skin.
  • If an older person has a dressing on a wound and the surrounding skin is red, hot to touch or the wound is more painful than normal, it could indicate an infection.
  • Did you know? Regular exercise improves blood flow around the body and delivers nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the anatomy of the skin and the effects of the ageing process
  • Outline preventative strategies to maintain skin integrity
  • Describe common types of wounds that may be seen in a home care setting
  • Understand your role in supporting a client with a dressing

Course name: Wound Care: an introduction

Course Code: HC-180622-AU/NZ/UK/IE

Country: All countries

ResHC: Home care only

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