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Clinical Assessments

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  • The extension assessment can be given to all staff and it’s particularly useful for advanced practice nurses such as RNs who are required to reflect on their professional practice.

  • Our essential assessment is generally comprised of 15 questions. Usually they are true or false, multiple choice, fill the gap, or if the course allows, sorting/sequencing questions. The questions reflect the content of the video and are designed to ascertain if the learner has understood the content presented in the video.

  • There are a range of learning theories that come and go from popularity and the more we research the topic we realise that there are many different ways to explain how adults learn and how to best support them.

  • The Single Quality Framework will replace the four current Accreditation schemes in July 2019. Both residential and home care providers will be expected to meet the requirements of the new Aged Care Quality Standards (ACQS) which has a much stronger focus on consumer outcomes.